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Gear Buddy Opinion

This is the perfect ski for the guy who just discovered that theres more too the mountain than just the park. They still want to launch and jib off of everything, but want a bit more of a sturdy ski to handle pow and the rest of what the mountain offers. The does not have camber or reverse camber, but instead uses "Reflecttech" which esentially uses the large tip and tail in conjunction with the skinny waist to replicate the way that a cambered ski would turn.

Customer Review

I am 5’11 and 180lbs and I run the 186 length mounted in line. Like the title states - in any soft conditions these skis are a blast. Blister did a great review of them and I have to say they nailed it. These things dominate crud and chopped up snow. They pivot with absolute ease and the reverse camber gives them a very “surfy” feel. I love them in the trees. Give me 1-8” of snow in the trees and I would argue they are the best ski on the market. Because when you come bursting out into a tracked up open slope with slop everywhere you can literally let them mob thru it with ease. Soft groomer, soft bumps, trees, snow days (up to a foot) and these are perfect skis. Downside: steep and icy. If you find yourself on blown off double diamond bumps a lot (telluride) you might consider a ski with camber under foot like the msp. But if you are like me and are happy to make due on icy days and smile wider on soft, sunny or snowy days.. these are the ski.