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MSP 107


Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:

All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

This is a good ski for intermediate to advanced skiers who ski in locations that recieve good amounts of snow. Like the MSP 99 its rigid structure will be suitible for hard chargers who like a slightly stiffer ski due to the "locked in feel". Additionally, the 107 waist width will be plenty of flotation for a resort powder day. This is a 1 ski quiver for the western united states

Customer Review

Best Skis Ever: "50 year skier, and have skied throughot the world on many many skis. The 107s are simply the best. Large weet spot encourages an easy neutral stance. I can't recommed these skis high enough." -Hotdog'N