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Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:




Reverse Cambered

Gear Buddy Opinion

This is a dedicated touring ski in 4frnt's line up. It is availible in two varieties, the traditional model and to 4-lock model which is a gimic to help putting on skins. The ski like the hoji uses a reverse camber patern with maple suports under the foot for rigidity and carbon stringers in the tips and tails. Despite what would appear to be a great pow finding tool. The ski has some major issues. To begin, this is a 104 touring ski, thus it should be assumed all purpose. However while this ski shines on groomers due to the lack of side cut, and excels in the pow due to the large tip and tail. It suffers on any crud or tougher snow conditions to the point of unbearability. Additionally, the reverse camber decreases surface area touching the snow on the up track, greatly reducing traction on the way uphill.

Customer Review

"Just back from maiden 4 day Backcountry tour in North Cascades. Skied variable terrain and conditions from corn to heavy mash. Skis were ez and predictable in all conditions. In steep/icy areas, just make sure you've got margins to deal with a little less edge/stopping precision. Great ride-will be my go to driver"