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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Reverse Cambered

Gear Buddy Opinion

This is a ski for someone who is skiing big lines in deep powder, they are not for the faint of hart and the reverse camber is not forgiving when conditions get shallow. Despite this, this a phenomenal powder ski for those looking to add a deep powder weapon to their quiver. Unless you plan to take trips to British columbia or have a back country setup, dont buy these

Customer Review

"These skis are the real deal. They force you to be a better skier and ski proper. On the “classic” powder skis of today (traditional side cut with some taper, rocker, and camber) you can get away with slashing and sliding out a lot of turns, and not carving in powder. The renegades on the other hand engage super hard in powder turns, but they're quick to pivot or slarve/shave speed when you want to. My favorite powder ski I’ve had - they were just what I was hoping for. They aren’t a jibby ski with flexible noses and tails for butters. If you want that get something else. These skis are the move if you want to focus on skiing. They’re strong and stiff so obviously no problems with cliff drops and airs. I’m 5’9” 160 lbs and the 184s are perfect width and dimensions for what I’m looking for in a go to ski for powder skiing. I have a park background and prefer skis mounted closer to center so I went 2 cms forward of recommended and am happy (~3.5 cms behind true center). For someone who likes to drive a ski with a more forward stance they’d probably want to mount back from that. Stoked on what 4frnt is doing with their skis and alternative shapes- many thanks!"