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Over the past several years the founder of Gear Buddy has been very passionate about getting involved in new outdoor adventure sports and expanding into new areas of the sports he already loved. In doing so, he quickly noticed something: If you were new to a sport and not as knowledgable about what you are buying, your best bet would be to go to the retailer, however after getting roped into countless "deals" you end up paying a $200 markup. On the inverse, you could attempt to buy the product online, however, the information about technical products and their suitability for you, just isn't available. With this dilemma, Gear Buddy was born. 

For the outdoor sports enthusiast who is struggling to find the perfect gear, Gear Buddy is an online service that helps connect buyers to the best product for them. Unlike traditional outdoor gear shops and online retailers, Gear Buddy provides a combination of the in-shop advice and experience, with online deals and convenience.







Greg has had two planks under his feet since he was 2 years old. Growing up skiing in Vail Colorado, Greg quickly took to the sport and it became one of his favorite things to do. Over the years, his passion for skiing has resonated even further and he has explored a large variety of disciplines with in the sport.

His passion for outdoor sports does not stop at just skiing. Greg has also been surfing since he was 8 years old, although his ability to surf has been largely limited by geography. In recent years, this passion has reignited as well as his yearn to continue to explore other areas of outdoor adventure sports including cycling, camping & hiking, snowboarding, and climbing.

With his years of skiing experience within different disciplines  and deep understanding of industry trends and technology. Greg is sure to make an excellent recommendation for your next ski regardless of your style,