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ARV 96


Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The ARV series is Armada's almountain freestyle line. However this really just means park and you can get away with them elsewhere. The lineip consists of 5 offerings from 84 underfoot to 116. All of the skis will excel in the park or freeriding while holding their own on the mountain. Dont expect deep GS turns, but instead expect the ash stringers and poplar core to send you to the moon. The ARV 96 is the perfect ski for the park rat who just wants one setup. This is a good width that wont get in your way, but will provide support and reliability for skiing elsewhere on the mountain. Hence, it being Armada's most popular choice for this year.

Customer Review

Scratched Very Easily
I bought them last weak and literally took them for now day. When I got back I realized that the whole entire thing was so scratched up. The plastic was already chipping from the side. I just don't think they're worth it for the price I paid for them. The whole entire body is super scratched up.