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Declivity X


Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:





Gear Buddy Opinion

The Declivity X is the big mountain charger in Armada's lineup. This is the ski for sking the big lines you see in AK or the Alps and doing so with some freestyle style. This would be a perfect powder/crud option for someone coming from a more traditional ski. (Racer who wants a softer ski)

Customer Review

Mach 1 charger ski When I was looking into getting a pair of skis this year I was looking for something a tad bit stiffer than my previous JJs and Arvs and l came across the Declivity X. I usually ski on 105mm underfoot width and above for daily skis, (JJ UL at 185cm and ARV 106s at 180cm) and found the Declivity X to charge through chop and icy sections like a champ, even more so than the other two skis I mentioned. Long and fast arced turns seemed almost effortless and sections where you’d normally be getting bounced all over these skis held a great edge and bust through any chop like it’s not even there. Highly recommend these to all the skiers who like to lay down big ol’ turns at Mach 1 speeds