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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Whitewalker is Sammy Carlsons pro model for 2020-21. This ski was intended to be a powerful yet playful ski in the powder, while maintaining a light status in order to reach said powder via foot power. Its a twin tip model with a medium flex (for powder). Perfect to throw a pair of shifts or kingpins on and find some cool stuff to huck in the BC

Customer Review

Serious Rippers!
I ski a lot, a whole lot. All over the world, all the time. This ski, hands down, might be my favorite I’ve ever owned. The contact points are in the perfect spots to make it feel a little smaller. The skis are super light and swing weight is ridiculously low. The tapered base at the tip allows for smooth nose butters in soft snow while the flex at the tip is just perfectly soft-ish but snappy. The tails are made for charging, stiff and light feeling that provides a very responsive release of energy while giving you the backbone to ski anything as hard as your heart desires. These are my new babies. Thanks Armada, hi Alyssa.