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Backland 107 W



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Womens Touring




Gear Buddy Opinion

Womens version of the Backland 107. Slightly lighter with more suitable lengths for women. The Backland series was designed to be light enough to handle uphill, while being stable enough to provide reliable and fun decent. The 107 is a great daily driver for backcountry exploration. This version weighs 1550g per ski making it light enough to handle long days, all while remaining stable and wide enough to handle the best of conditions

Customer Review

I put about 60 ski days on the Backland 107 last year and man was I impressed. I come from a ski racing background, so it's crucial for me to ski on something that can arc some turns and that is exactly what this ski does. Mounted with shift bindings I skied this ski almost everyday from the mountain to the backcountry. I skied the 189, I am 6 feet tall, and the 19.5 meter radius allowed me to rip groomers better than any other ski ever has. The ski is not super stiff but has loads of pop. The horizon tech gave it a surfy feel in the powder and the 107 waist was more than enough for any deep day here in Oregon. Can't recommend enough. The only thing I didn't like about the ski was how it cut through super choppy terrain at high speeds. Due to the light weight, which is great for touring and pretty much every other aspect of skiing, the ski would deflect off of chop instead of mashing through. Obviously if you want a super hard charging ski Atomic has the Backland 117 and the Vantage 107 Ti, which I am very excited to try out this year.