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Bent Chetler 100



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Atomic Bentchetler 100 made its debut for the 2018 season, and immediately took the all mountain segment by storm due to its versatility. The Bent Chelter 100 is a slimmer version of its older sibling the Bent Chetler 120, which has been around for over a decade. These skis are the brain child and pro model for one of the most progressive backcountry skiers of our time, Chris Benchetler. Benchetler is a phenomenal skier who truly turns big mountain lines into his own canvas. In creating the Bent Chetler series, he wanted to help you do the same by providing the tools to paint your own canvas. The original 120 model was intended to attack big lines and provide plenty of float in deep conditions for advanced skiers. However, the new 100 model prides itself in versatility and suitability for a large variety of skier types. The Atomic Bent Chelter is the perfect ski, for skiers of all levels who are looking for one ski they can bring anywhere without sacrifice.

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