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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Anima is a powder focused ski perfect both in and out of bounds. This ski has a 115 waist but despite that maintains a fairly short turning radius of just 19m. At the resort this ski will function very well on a powder day because it was designed to be able to handle harder conditions as well so when the powder runs out, you can keep going. Despite this, the Anima is not a 1 ski quiver.

Customer Review

This was one of a few skis tha changed my opinion on how wide I want my everyday ski to be in Washington. Previously, I was riding a 106, but after riding this (and the QST Blank) I forsee myself going a little bit wider next year. I honestly didn't get to test them in ideal conditions, just a normal night skiing session at an Alpental demo event. And even in those conditions, they didn't feel too wide or cumbersome. They felt every bit as versatile ripping groomers and soft bumps as any 105-110 underfoot ski, but you could tell they would feel right at home in some cascade concrete. If you are looking in the 110-115 range for an all-mountain crusher, this would be a good choice amongst the Rustler 11 and the QST Blank.