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Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:

All Mountain



Reverse Cambered

Gear Buddy Opinion

The Corvus is an all mountain ski aimed at the Freeride. The reverse camber helps with quick pivoting and the flat underfoot segment helps lock in an edge on hardback which together creates a hard charging ski suitable for a wide variety of terrain types. Given the camber profile of this ski its best suited for advanced riders

Customer Review

After trying out a few different Black Crows at a demo event recently, you can start comparing the different styles that each of their skis is meant for. Trying this ski next to the Black Crows Atris (108 mm underfoot), I found myself more fond of the Atris due to the camber profile, the poppiness and the playful nature. Some background on my skiing experience, I grew up racing at Stevens Pass, and have worked in the industry as an instructor and coach. With that in mind, I love versitle wide skis that can handle really well on groomers, but are also fun to ski off-piste. The corvus is a little too stiff for what I would ideally want to use as an everyday ski, but I can see how this ski would work really well for a skier that wants to go fast and directly down the fall line.