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Ferox Freebird


Available Sizes:


Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:





Gear Buddy Opinion

The Ferox Freebird is a powder oriented touring ski designed to provide plenty of float in a lightweight package of only 1800g per ski. The dual rocker helps to float the ski as well as provide easy pivot in tight terrain. This would be a great touring ski for anyone looking for a powder oriented lightweight ski.

Customer Review

I love these skis! Mounted with a touring binding like the Salomon Shift or something even lighter, the new Ferox Freebird is a super competent setup both in and out of bounds. Slotting in where the Anima Freebird left off last season, this big mountain, deep snow Freebird isn't the stiffest ski out there, but it's definitely not afraid to go big or ski fast, and when the skiing gets tight and dicey, you can push it into shorter turns at a moment's notice.If you're looking for a wider touring ski or inbounds/out of bounds setup this season, the Ferox Freebird will take you up and down in style