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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Solis is a very specialized big mountain ski made for handling very steep and unpredictable terrain. The ski was designed to be durable and stable for skiing lines at high speed that otherwise may be very difficult. This is a very niche ski and best suites those in Europe who have very particular lines they would like to tackle in mind.

Customer Review

The Solis is sweet. It skis awesome. It is a real ski. It has a stiff flex. The ski works really well on hard snow. The construction of this ski is closer to the construction of the alpine skis. It is tons better out of the box the the other freebirds I own. All that being said I definitely don't recommend it to someone less then an advanced or expert skier. Black crows should build this ski with a wider tail for more all around skiing conditions, and build this in a wider model under foot.