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Helio Carbon 104



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:





Gear Buddy Opinion

The Helio Carbon 104 was designed as a daily driver for long backcountry missions. Theses skis weigh only 1450g each putting them on the lighter end of touring models this width. A great option for someone looking for a lightweight ski that does it all.

Customer Review

BD skis continue to impress. The newest iteration of the Helio Carbon is really knocking it out of the park for me. I've only had a few days on them, but initial impressions include: stable in challenging snow, lively in pow, like to carve. I like a ski that is forgiving when you're not fully on it, but cranks to another level when you're perfectlRead more about review stating Home Runy balanced on your skis. Way to go BD!