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Helio Recon 95



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:





Gear Buddy Opinion

The Helio Recon series was designed to handle the abuse of touring year after year and at an affordable rate. The 95 version only weighs 1450g per ski and is geared toward longer missions in the backcountry where float is not as much of a priority.

Customer Review

I am really happy with these Helio Recon 95s. They replaced a pair of BD Kilowatts that I loved. At 5'8" & 155lbs I chose the 173 length. It skis like a shorter ski due to the the tip and tail rise. The next size up is a big jump at 183cm. Often I wonder if those would have been better for me given the small effective edge. Unfortunately I canRead more about review stating Flexy fun forgiving't demo those around here. Notice a lot of people say BD skis are not great in any one category but are at least very good in all categories. I'd tend to agree with that assessment but wonder if these skis should actually be considered great in the playful & fun category. It sure would take a helluva ski to surpass these in that category. The tips flap around at speed or on steep firm/hard bumpy conditions but they remain predictable. I've skied these in every condition except higher than ankle deep powder. They are great in corn snow and that gives me confidence that when I time that big powder day right I'll be even more enamoured with these skis. As I lightweight skier I find many skis stiff for me. I'm fortunate enough to get to try loads of different skis. The core profile and overall flex on these skis is among the finest I've tried.