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Black Pearl 88



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:

Womens All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Black Pearl Series was designed to be a confidence inspiring ski for women who want a fun, high-performing all terrain ski. The 88 version is more narrow and creates a more beginner/intermediate friendly ski that packs all of the performance of its wider sibling

Customer Review

There is a reason this is the most popular women's ski on the market, it does a little of everything, the ultimate one ski quiver. For west coast groomed runs I like the 88 width which is just wide enough to handle a bit of crud just in case but still really maneuverable and light and fun and easy. I am not a great skier (a perennial intermediate), I usually go up only maybe a dozen or more times a season so I don't want to have to own 5 skis to cover me. This is a ski I would easily but for myself and recommend for my girlfriends who are in the same boat.