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Sheeva 11



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:

Womens Powder




Gear Buddy Opinion

The women's version of the Rustler 11. The Blizzard Rustler 11 made its debut as a part of Blizzard's freeride collection in 2017. Blizzard designed this ski to perform exceptionally in deep resort conditions. In doing so, they implemented a rocker-camber-rocker profile that includes strategically placed carbon stringers to provide an exceptionally stable ride. The Rustler 11 is the perfect resort powder ski for an aggressive skier who wants a damp, stable ski that provides plenty of float in blower conditions but won’t fall apart as the runs get chopped up and more variable. It’s best when skiing fast and mostly directional, and is playful enough for anyone but the most jibby skiers.

Customer Review

This ski excels when you want to go fast and charge hard. From a powder day at the resort that turns to chopped up, bumpy variable snow to skiing the biggest lines of your life in Alaska to jumping and stomping cliffs - this ski holds it own. If you're the type to press the pedal to the metal this ski does not waiver. It's not the most forgiving ski if you are looking to spin 180 butters or if you're apprehensive to "open it up." The Sheeva 11s are 100% reliable which in turn instills confidence in one's skiing abilities. This ski makes you feel like a rock star ready for the big stage.