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Koala 118



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Koala series was designed for Freeride skiers who want access to the DPS technology we know and love. The 118 version is perfect for bringing a Freeride feel into a powder setting. This ski is perfect for linking powder turns with freestyle hits.

Customer Review

Take everything you know about DPS skis and throw it out the window. The 189 DPS Koalas are super stiff, super burly, damp, stable, yet weirdly poppy freeride pow skis (The 189's are 7% stiffer than the other two sizes). Basically, watch a Dash Longe clip, that's what they're for. These skis are fast AF, stable AF. If you can hang on, the skis will blast through anything. Wanna drop a cornice, rip a straight chute and haul until you can dump the speed? These are your ski. Surprisingly good at all mountain skiing, even groomers (although wouldn't be my first choice for that. Basically, the 189 length of this ski is a big mountain, go big and fast pow ski. They are so stiff, they are hard to ski in the tight stuff, i.e. trees, unless you are a very good skier with very strong legs that can handle trees at high speeds and/or flex these planks enough to make tight turns. Keep in mind, they are very heavy. Dash tours on them in his vid clips with frame bindings, dude must have the burliest leg muscles ever. Basically, for the right conditions, (think: skiiing steep and deep at Alta or Snowbird), I love them. Most people should stick with the 184, even if you usually ski 188's.