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M-FREE 108


All Mountain

Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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The M-FREE series was designed to take big mountain lines and do so with style. The 108 version provides a versatile width that is great for shredding in the west. Additionally, it has a tight turning radius making it both versatile and playful in hard snow conditions.

Customer Review

I am 6'2" and ski the 192cm 108mm These skis are so fun! For free ride and big mountain this is almost the perfect ski. The feel of the ski is amazing! It feels incredibly stable in high speed turns in any snow conditions. When you press into the tip or tail its responsive you can play around and get buttery and at the same time it has a direct controllable feel like it was made for a pro to ski. This ski loves to charge big lines while still loving the ability to get creative and playful with the terrain. Heres what I love: Sidecut: the shape give a really direct control over the edge so you can turn and slide just how you want as well as still having that control when pressing into the tip or tail. skiing switch the ski feels similar and turns feel familiar. Camber Profile: A really good balance of camber and early rise. This ski really shines in rough and mixed conditions. The camber puts down a solid edge and they feel very controllable at speed in bad, good, and bumpy snow. Theres enough float in the front this holds up as a powder ski. Ive used in in 3+ feet of fresh snow and it still skis well. Flex: one of my favorite things about this ski is the flex. the ski is stiffer through the cambered part of the ski giving the ski a really direct feel while skiing. The tip starts to get softer right where the early rise starts so you can still be super playful with it. Cons: A bit heavy. I have the 192cm with pivot 15s and its a bit heavy to turn but not really a problem. If you want more playful and quicker turns the ski can definitely handle itself in a slightly smaller size. the 192cm is just a bit too tall for me and this could be solved if in the future the lengths were split. Not a beginner ski. I don't see this as a con really but this high performing ski takes above average skiing to really use the full potential of this ski. Overall if you're looking for a ski to ski hard and fast in big lines and be able to be playful and creative this is the ski. It is the best free ride ski I have ridden and I love it!