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M-FREE 118



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:




The M-FREE series was designed to take big mountain lines and do so with style. The 118 version is Dynastar's widest model in the lineup. This ski was made to tackle big lines in deep snow conditions and keep you going all day long. This would make a great resort powder ski due to its camber and turning radius, as well as be implemented into a motor assisted backcountry setting.

Customer Review

These skis really blew me away the first time I rode them. I got to try them out on an early season Colorado Powder Day. We had gotten 7" overnight, and were able to take off a day midweek to hit it. I was a bit concerned about their weight, and how wide they were for the early season conditions. Typically if it's less than a foot, I'll ride my 108 underfoot's. I said screw it, let's try the wide planks. Fast forward to me railing down runs, popping off everything I could, and grinning the entire time. I was absolutely stoked on these skis, and wouldn't hesitate to take them up for anything over a 6" powder day because they were that fun. Dynastar has made a ski that floats like a boat, carves like a knife, and pops off everything it hits. These are the exact same construction and dimensions as the Dynastar Proto, and Proto Menace, so older reviews of those skis will give you an idea of how they ride. Pull the trigger on these and you won't be disappointed.