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M-PRO 90 W


Womens All Mountain

Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:




The M-PRO series was designed as an all mountain charger ski. The 90 version provides a narrow waist that is suitable to everyday (non powder) use. This version is most suitable to intermediate/advanced skiers who already has a wider ski for deeper days or is living in a less snow prone area.

Customer Review

Holy guacamole these are fun! These skis have a ton of pop and energy to them. Very responsive - each turn initiates itself with ease! Dynastar puts PU (polyurethane) in this line of skis which is the same plastic found in Lange ski boots. This results in the ski having that "pop" and "energy." I'm an aggressive all-mountain skier. I'm 5'2" and 135lb of muscle - the 162cm was perfect for me!