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Dictator 2.0



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Faction Dictator series was designed with hard charging piste skiers in mind. The Dictator series is very stiff and intended for high speed carving on groomers and nimble yet aggressive performance in more technical terrain. This series is best suited to high level intermediates and advanced skiers. The 2.0 is best for versatility and going fast un a controlled manner under all conditions.

Customer Review

The dictator is a great rigid all-mountain slayer. It can do the icy groomers, the nimble trees, the off-piste bowls, but it wants to do them all very quickly. It just wants to go downhill in a hurry. Great long turning radius that allows it to pickup speed and glide effortlessly down the hill. It's stiff enough to cut through the crud and can stop on a dime.