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Dictator 3.0



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Faction Dictator series was designed with hard charging piste skiers in mind. The Dictator series is very stiff and intended for high speed carving on groomers and nimble yet aggressive performance in more technical terrain. This series is best suited to high level intermediates and advanced skiers. The 3.0 is a great all mountain option for west coast skiing. This option is 106 underfoot and makes it very suitable for softer conditions.

Customer Review

These are stiffer than a triple Jack and Coke, without the Coke, but in a great way. I'll admit, I was a little hesitant getting these as a lot of the reviews were pretty intimidating. Don't be intimidated. These things are amazing. I have three softer skis but needed something for icy/groomer days and these are perfect for that. They hold an edge! I had them to 50+ mph on skied out groomers and were incredibly stable. My kids wanted to ski powder/steeps/trees so I went on these and they were incredibly fun and easy going for that as well. Really float well. The only downside (also a great thing) is if you lean back, it is like turning the turbo chargers on! This is a super versatile very fun ski. If I was in my first year skiing, I probably would go with something softer, or just a shorter size of these. Unfortunately we get more hard/icy skied out days than pow days so if I only had one ski, this might be it! I am 6'0" and 195 lbs and ski the 188 cm length and would not go shorter!!!