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Kore 105



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Kore series was developed by Head to handle all aspects of all mountain skiing. The women's series was designed to blend resort and backcountry skiing seamlessly. The 105 is a super versatile and light weight Freeride ski that can excel in any conditions.

Customer Review

These skis need to go fast. If you're just puttering along, prepare to fight for turns. If ripping through bumps is your thing, but you want stability at speed on groomers, I would suggest downsizing from what you might normally ski. My 189s are not friendly and forgiving in the bumps, and require deliberate turns and a lot of energy to get them powered up. They don't want to supply the rebound you expect from a snappier ski. That said, get them into bottomless pow, crud or slide chunder and you'll discover their purpose. I arrived at the rope-drop for opening day at Mary Jane (Winter Park's bumpier sister) and dove into untracked thigh-deep snow littered with crashed skiers unprepared for the requirements of bottomless conditions. The KOREs blasted through without diving and let me ski reasonably centered. These aren't for intermediate skiers, but aggressive experts wanting a ski that will handle anything big mountains and the back country can dish out will love them.