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pure Joy



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Womens Carver




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Joy series was developed for high performance carving all over the front side of the mountain. The pure Joy is purely for beginners seeking a stable and easy ski to help them progress.

Customer Review

Returned after 53 year hiatus from skiing. Things have changed for the better!!! After renting about 8 times it was time to find a ski and these are perfect. The light weight is an added plus. The first day there was little adjustment to a new ski and I was doing fine at my lesson. I can see myself skiing on these long term as they do anything I want and as I get better I will appreciate them more and more. By second time out I was doing twice as well with parallel turns, speed control, and balance. The bindings are fine too. The rental place where I am learning had Head Ski