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Maiden 91



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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Womens All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Maiden collection was developed as a Freeride collection for women. These skis are playful yet powerful allowing you to ski aggressively and playfully all over the mountain. The 91 is the skinniest of the bunch and most suitable to intermediate/advanced skiers who want a fun everyday ski that performs well in primarily hard snow conditions.

Customer Review

I skied the Maiden 101 in southwest Colorado almost every day of the epic-snow winter of 2019. I loved the skis so much that I bought the 91s for "less-than-powder" days. Now I ski in Maine (aka ice skiing.) I wasn't sure how my beloved western skis would handle eastern conditions. The Maiden 91s are awesome!! They are super fun, poppy, turn on a dime, swing and dance over moguls, zip and twist through the trees, defy crud, provide a solid platform underfoot and hold a confident edge. And they're also the prettiest skis on the mountain!