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Natural 111



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Gear Buddy Opinion

The natural series was designed to handle the abuse of backcountry touring. These skis are lightweight, snappy and playful and help you in being efficient on the uphill and confident on the downhill. The 111 weighs just 1858g per ski and is perfect for someone who wants a touring ski to go pow hunting on.

Customer Review

I’m so happy with this purchase! There haven’t been too many reviews on this ski so it felt a little risky but I love them. The only kryptonite for these in my experience has been frozen chunder, which I only found on my first time out with these at the resort to get a feel for them. The handled it ok but not much in the way of dampening. They aren’t my daily driver so their spot in the quiver is backcountry and maybe pow days at the resort. On the groomers they are carvy, fresh pow they’re floaty, perfect balance of edgy & floaty on crust and wind blown snow, and they feel great on drops and booters too. They are light on the skin and/or bootpack in and more stable than other touring skis I’ve tried. I mounted Salomon Shift bindings which I like a lot for safety in an emergency and stability/security hitting jumps and drops, that being said for their primary use I would maybe have been better off in certain touring situations with a tech binding that I could transition from uphill to downhill without taking my skis off. but that’s just a thought. Love the skis!!!