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Nomad 95



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Nomad series was designed as a Freeride series to help you effortlessly play all over the mountain. The 95 is the narrowest in the collection and suitable for playing anywhere from the park to the peak. This would be a great option for intermediate and advanced skiers in less snowy climate, or who travel all over to ski.

Customer Review

I have the Nomad 95 in the 191 and I pretty blindly bought these without seeing them in person and was a little worried. They shipped to my door, and originally flexed them and saw they were pretty soft and heavily rockered for a 95 waisted ski which made me skeptical. But all these feelings were wiped away after the first time I skied on them. At my size and weight, 6'3" 190lbs, these are pretty much my park ski. I wouldn't recommend the 95 to anyone my size as an all mtn ski, just get the 105, its much stiffer for bumps. But WOW these skis are so fun. The rocker makes them a blast for butters, slashes, surface swaps and pivots. My butting has gotten way better since I bought these. They are balanced in the air, plenty light enough for me to flick around and jib stuff. And by far my favorite conditions to ski them in are spring slush, you can throw buckets of snow on slashes in the half pipe. These definitely feel in the "New wave" category of skis. Like if you want a better all mtn/more durable line blend, these are a good option. Probably pretty good for urban, east coast skiing, making something out of nothing. I wish the skis were a tad stiffer for my size but if you're like 140ish lbs these probably rip all mtn a lot better than they do for my fat ass. And I want to be clear they're not bad stability wise for more of a park ski, but they're not nearly the crud busters of their wider brothers.