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Pioneer 109



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The pioneer collection was designed for all mountain shredding all over the world. These skis were designed to perform in any conditions thrown at them and do so with style. The 109 is the widest of the bunch, and is a fairly unusual width. This ski is an in-betweener great for shredding pow, but narrow enough for every day skiing. This is a great option for advanced skiers in the Rocky Mountain west.

Customer Review

I couldn’t be happier with the Pioneer 109’s. I was looking for a ski that could float through the pow but also plow through crud and still be fun on hard snow. My ski days are pretty evenly split between resorts, backcountry, and ski patrolling at our local hill. I was debating the Nomad 105 or the Pioneer 109. I talked with a great customer service person, told her what I was looking for, and she recommended the Pioneer 109. I only felt slightly old when she told me that’s what her dad skis. I mounted them with the Shifts because I prefer patrolling in touring boots, and I was looking for maximum versatility. So far this winter I’ve been able to ski them in all kinds of conditions from icy hardpack to deep pow, and they’ve just been great everywhere. I’m a fairly small guy (5’7”, 155 lbs), and I’m on the 182’s. I’ve had no problems making quick turns to dodge and slalom the early season brush, they feel nice and stable plowing through firmed up crud, and they carve really well for such a big ski. Of course, they also totally kill it in deep snow. They’re probably not gonna be my main touring skis, I just don’t think I can pay the extra 600+ g/ski weight penalty on a routine basis. But, I will definitely be skiing them on the deepest BC days when I want extra float. And finally, although it has nothing to do with performance, the graphics are so cool. I’ve had so many compliments from lifties and folks standing in line or at the ski rack. I had to buy the matching hoody.