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Pioneer 96



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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The pioneer collection was designed for all mountain shredding all over the world. These skis were designed to perform in any conditions thrown at them and do so with style. The 96 is Icelantic's true "one ski quiver" this ski has the versatility necessary to excel in any condition the mountain has to offer regardless of location. This ski is great for intermediate and advanced men.

Customer Review

I recently bought the 174cm Pioneer 96 skis, and today was my first day on them. I've been skiing for almost 30 years and after my very first run on them it was very clear to me that these are the best skis I've ever owned!! I grew up on the east coast and raced all through high school and college, and always tried to have really good equipment, but never owned decently wide skis as that was just never a thing in my world. Now, however, I live in Utah where narrow-waisted skis are pretty much useless. I've never owned skis that performed the way my Icelantics did today! They're so snappy and responsive and for the first time probably ever, I decided where to turn instead of having to let the snow decide for me.... After 1 day on these skis, I'd be completely happy to stick with Icelantic skis forever!! I currently work full-time at REI and purchased these skis after meeting with the Icelantic reps and hearing about what makes them different from other skis. I decided to take a chance on a smaller "local" company, and going forward these are now the only skis I'll be talking about with my customers!