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Disruption MTI



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Gear Buddy Opinion

The disruption series was made to deliver high performance carving in a package accessible to all levels. The MTI is an aggressive carver for advanced skiers who want to lay trenches in the corduroy.

Customer Review

The MTI has the power of a racing ski but has the grace and elegancy of a tuxedo suit in the sense of being so tamed and controlled on snow. Don’t be fooled as to think it cannot get fully crazy as it can be transformed in a dangerous machine that would hold edges on anything from ice, hard pack, and freshly groomed snow. The ski has virtually no limit in its ability as a speed/carving machine. It also loves racing gates where it will surprised a lot of racing skis, not just by speed, edge control, but a forgiveness that makes even an expert much better. As an instructor, out there for hours on the snow, this is a detuned race-like ski that will not make you tired at the end of the day. But will bring you pleasure the entire. With my Recon Pro, this is a perfect set up for hours of fun, and kilometres of above legal speed runs... I skied Chargers, Super Charger, Bolt from the K2 past, but this machine is simple something else...