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Gear Buddy Opinion

The K2 Pon2oon was the brain child of legendary big mountain skier Shane McConkey. As its name describes the Pon2oon quite literally behaves like pontoons. These skies are unsinkable and only should be used in the deepest conditions like that experienced in western Canada or Japan. You really shouldn't purchase these unless you are spending enough time Heli/cat/sled skiing to justify it.

Customer Review

K2 Pon2oon is an amazing ski! Ive been using the 2009 pon2oon ski mounted Plus 3 cm from mid sole, they charge everything from cliff drops to big kickers. there surprisingly easy to spin 3's and have no issue landing and skiing pow switch. They also kill it in open runs with lots of snow and they ski tight tree runs great as well as shredding groomers at the end of the day! I LOVE THESE SKIS!!!