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Reckoner 102



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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Reckoner series was developed as a twin tipped Freeride ski. These skis were intended to be surfy and stout. Not to mention their twin tipped profile allows for switch skiing and landings. This line is perfect for someone who wants to bring their tricks out of the park. The 102 is the all mountain specific version of the series. This is a great option for advanced skiers who want to bring tricks from the park into an all mountain environment.

Customer Review

he Reckoner 102 is a great all-around ski. It handles the park with ease, shreds tight trees, and stays stable when launching into chunder. This ski would get a 5/5 from me if it weren't for both skis delaming in multiple places after less than a month of use...
I'm an east coast skier, and this year has been pretty low tide, so I expected to beat these up a little bit, especially early season, I did not expect the Reckoners to break as quickly as they did after pretty minimal use (not a lot of rail action, no core shots, top sheet still in good condition). At around the 30 day mark, I noticed both skis had delaminated directly underfoot, between the base/edge layer and the core/sidewall.
Fix was easy, 24 hour epoxy and clamp has held up for a few months no problem, but the tip of one ski has also completely separated at the same layer, again the epoxy & clamp treatment, plus some rivets fixed the issue in less than a day.
Normally I'd chalk this up to my specific pair having a manufacturing defect, however, one of my buddies bought a pair and had them delam in the EXACT SAME SPOT after roughly 10 days on them.
@K2 something is up with the 102 manufacturing process. I love these skis and I love being on them, but having to repair them every few weeks isn't the best way to keep a customer.