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Reckoner 122



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:





Gear Buddy Opinion

The Reckoner series was developed as a twin tipped Freeride ski. These skis were intended to be surfy and stout. Not to mention their twin tipped profile allows for switch skiing and landings. This line is perfect for someone who wants to bring their tricks out of the park. The 122 is the widest in the line and suitable for the deepest of conditions.

Customer Review

I tried my 122s for the first time last week in mixed snow conditions in Utah. Light ski, good action, but on the ungroomed broken up slopes they were harder to move than I expected. With so much side camber on so many skis now, it is a bit of work to go back to a straighter ski. I will still to bringing these out when the snow is light and plentiful. Rated a 4 star as I hoped I would ski them better in the crud.