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Helix 98



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:

All Mountain/Park




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Helix series was designed to be versatile enough to handle any terrain from the park to the peak. The 98 offers the ultimate Freeride ski in terms of versatility. This ski can jib, jump and carve.

Customer Review

Where can I start? The width of these makes them so versatile. If it snows a couple inches more I can rip the trails and just hop in the park without a hitch. I’d consider myself a park skier but I enjoy all aspects of skiing and these skis can totally be used on so many parts of the mountain. I haven’t had many 98 underfoot park skis but now this will be my go to size. I had no issues having extra width and doing spins onto rails and switch ups. It improved my landings if anything. They are nice and light which makes for a great park experience. Flex wise you are getting a solid ski under your feet but more flex as you move towards the tip and tail. You can definitely get your nose butters or tail butters way off the ground. At the same time the underfoot stability makes it possible to land at the bottom of jump landings and not wash out cause of over flexing. It’s the perfect medium flex. If you look at the shape as a whole you can just see such the clean hour glass shape. The word I would use is sleek. Not many 98s can say that. The nose is perfect sized with no strange contours. It gradually gets wider at the nose and perfectly shapes out throughout the rest of the ski. I have a racing past and putting these to my best carve test was a joy. Early season ice was no match. The edges are tough against rails too with a little thicker metal. I’ve loved so many things about this ski in the park this year. Can’t wait to use them for years to come!