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Origin 101



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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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All Mountain




Gear Buddy Opinion

The Origin series was developed by liberty as an ultra versatile ski that can handle any an terrain or snow conditions put in its path, regardless of whether you are in bounds or out. The 101 is a true do it all ski that can act as the perfect bridge from the east to the west for an advanced skier.

Customer Review

After being on Liberty Skis for the past few years I was super stoked to be able to try out and test the brand new origin 101. With having both the 96 and 106 in my quiver I had a solid feel for the origin already but the new build was a big eye opener. The 101mm waist with the single VMT strut is a homerun build, super stable one groomers while nice and quite edge to edge. Of course having the origin feel of being nice and quick in the bumps with the perfect amount of rocker to handle all conditions. In the air the ski is extremely balanced and even with the strut of medal still is very nice and light underfoot. I would give this ski an honest 10/10 rating especially for the northern New England East Coast skier. I personally can't wait to have this ski in my quiver this year!