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All Mountain

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Gear Buddy Opinion

The line Blade is a super unusual, but very cool ski designed to slash all parts of the mountain. Taking inspiration from its bigger brothers, the sakana and pescado, the blade has a very large tip and tail that tapers in significantly at the waist. This in conjunction with the long active edge profile is incredibly condusive to making hard carves throughout the mountain. Additionially the flex pattern makes this a very poppy ski perfect for bringing freestyle aspects into an allmountain environment. This ski is perfect for every day ski for someone on the east coast, and would be good in the west for less than ideal conditions

Customer Review

Two words: CARVE & FAST. And FUN. Review by Sean on 6 Oct 2020review stating Two words: CARVE & FAST. And FUN. I thought I already knew how fun carving was. Until I hopped on the Blade one night at the local hill. It was truly a sensation that I had never felt nor expected to ever feel. As I picked up speed and slowly started to lean into my edges for the first time, I got this rush of excitement that didn’t stop until I was back at the car at the end of tRead more about review stating Two words: CARVE & FAST. And FUN.he night.