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Blade W



Womens All Mountain

Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

Camber Profile:




Gear Buddy Opinion

The line Blade is a super unusual, but very cool ski designed to slash all parts of the mountain. Taking inspiration from its bigger brothers, the sakana and pescado, the blade has a very large tip and tail that tapers in significantly at the waist. This in conjunction with the long active edge profile is incredibly condusive to making hard carves throughout the mountain. Additionially the flex pattern makes this a very poppy ski perfect for bringing freestyle aspects into an allmountain environment. This ski is perfect for every day ski for someone on the east coast, and would be good in the west for less than ideal conditions

Customer Review

These things want to go fast. They know no speed limit. The power felt in and out of each carve was indescribable. I repeatedly bombed the hill from top to bottom, completely in control, learning harder and harder into my edges, and I kept wanting to do it again. The description is spot on when it says it’ll leave a sh*t eating grin on your face.