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Honey Bee



Womens Park

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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Honey bee is a park ski made for female park rats. This is perfect for any women who wants to huck big jumps and jib all over the park

Customer Review

An Amazing Ski For All Skill Levels I am 5'3'' and bought these skis in a size 144 because it was my first season in the park. I absolutely love this ski! It's amazing for both newbies and experienced riders. It's a super fun, playful, and durable ski and made it really easy to learn and improve in the park. This ski really made me feel comfortable and confident in the park as well.Read more about review stating An Amazing Ski For All Skill Levels The design is beautiful too! I will say they are not the best all mountain ski, but that was not a surprise because that is not what they are made for. Towards the end of the season, I did start to notice that I was starting to overpower the ski as I improved, so I will definitely be sizing up next season. These skis saw 25 days on snow this past season and hopefully many more! Overall, the Honey Bee is an amazing ski and I would highly recommend to any woman park skier, as I hope to always own a pair of these skis!!