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Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Gear Buddy Opinion

This is lines original fish tail design and boy are these badass. The line pescado is a directional powder ski, however it has a ton of freeride inspiration, so dont fear lack of poppiness or surfiness. The fishtail design is intended to allow the rear of the ski to sink in more on deeper days poping the tips up for easier float. These are the coolest and surfiest powder skis availible on the market.

Customer Review

Best weapon for deep days! The pescado is my favourite choice when it dumped a lot. If there would be "too much" snow for other skis you ll ALWAYS float with these skis. I took them to japan and rode it in the crazy conditions in austria right now. With the large setback making turns will feel really easy and it almost feels like a slalom ski for powder. On the other haRead more about review stating Best weapon for deep days!nd the pescado with its camber underfeet rides really well on hard packed snow, slushy conditions and even slopes. The sidecut of 19,5m is perfect so you can also carve really good.