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Gear Buddy Opinion

My personal favorite ski for every day use. This is my daily driver and I've skied well over 100 days on them. The line sakana is the perfect mix between freestyle flex, gs/slalom carving action, and powder float for any kind of western ski voyage. These skis have an incredibly tight radius allowing for short slalom like turns while on groomers, but the large tips and the swallow tail creat the perfect amount of float for the deeper days. As long as you arent skiing switch all the time, you cant beat this ski.

Customer Review

i've been on Line's since the yellow 1260. This is the most fun ski ever! its literally a fatty slalom ski. you can rip hand planted carve's all day, and it still ski's blower pow better than the original Opus. I would add some metal to make them a bit stiffer. they get a little squirrelly around 73 mph, still fun tho. this is my most favoritist sRead more about review stating Simply Amazing!ki Line has ever made! Thank You Eric Pollard!