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Sick Day 88




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Gear Buddy Opinion

The line sick day series is lines flagship series. This sieries is composed of three different all mountain skis of different widths. The sick day is a tride and true classic shape that keeps people coming back. This series is a safe bet for anyone looking for an all mountain ski. The 88 Model is best suited for beginner and intermediate skiers alike

Customer Review

Awesome! These skis rule! I'm an intermediate-advanced skier, athletic but not very technical. 44 YO, primarily east coast. Thought I had been relegated to cruising with my young kids for the rest of my days. Then I clicked into these bad boys ... what a difference! Now I'm flying down the mountain, carving like a pro, catching air -- I haven't had this muRead more about review stating Awesome!ch fun skiing in 15 years! Awesome set of sticks that make you want to go fast. I'll start out with the fam, then something happens, I let go, end up having to wait for them at bottom. Every time. Super stable, easy to get around on steep blacks, feel shorter/lighter than they actually are, perform well in crud and on ice. (Haven't tried powder yet.) Only drawback is I paired them with Marker Griffon bindings, 90mm as recommended, and tech had to bend the brake out to make them work. But setup currently works as it should. Kinda wish I would've gone up a size, though ... But overall, I couldn't be happier. I can't imagine you could find a better ski for the money