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Deathwish Tour



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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Moment Deathwish series was designed for individuals who quite literally have a Deathwish. These skis are for hard chargers who like to implement Freeride style into their death defying speeds. The Deathwish Tour is founder, Greg Gardner's, personal choice for a daily driver in the backcountry. This ski is so fun and energetic that you won't want to limit your exposure to it just in the backcountry. Its best suited to advanced skiers and weighs between 1890g and 1570g per ski depending on size.

Customer Review

This is a great ski to use as a "daily driver" for day to day backcountry touring in between storms. This ski is amazingly versatile performing well in shallow pow. It really shines in variably, funky conditions. My partners usually can't tell just from watching me ski that the snow quality is funky thanks to this ski. It excels in spring corn with the triple camber giving excellent hold and railing airplane turns. Grab a fatter ski for the deep storm days and ski this ski on all the other days.