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Meridian Tour



Available Sizes:

Tip-Waist-Tail (MM):

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Reverse Cambered

Gear Buddy Opinion

The Meridian Tour was designed as a a fully rocketed touring ski.

Customer Review

The Meridian Tour is the best ski I've tried. Subtle full rocker is great for different turn shapes on any kind of snow, and doesn't compromise grip in the skin track. The combo of rocker and sidecut radius gives these great edge grip in couloirs that are a bit icier than you hoped they'd be, which also translates to railing high-angle GS turns when you have space to open it up. The 181 cm length gives me plenty of float in deep powder and isothermal pancake batter, without feeing too awkward on kick turns. All in all a great ski that's the easy pick for local weekend tours or travel when you're not sure what the conditions will be like and you can only bring one pair.