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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Moment Wildcat series was developed to shred any and every mountain in a stylish way. The original Wildcat is 116 underfoot. This ski is intended for powder skiing specifically. That being said it can handle anything from resort powder laps to Heli drops.

Customer Review

I used to constantly tinker with my quiver and dream about what rad new skis I'd buy next year. But then a couple seasons back I picked up a pair of Wildcats and found that I was done. Why would I care about new skis when I already have these? Sometimes, I hear about some new model coming out and I get stoked about it, but when I think about actually buying them, I realize there's just no slot in my quiver that's up for grabs. I take my Wildcats with me every time I go skiing, and they never let me down. Regardless of conditions, these things are intuitive, powerful, and just so much fun. Moment has solved skiing. I will continue to buy a new pair of Wildcats every few years until my knees give out.