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Wildcat 101



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Gear Buddy Opinion

The Moment Wildcat series was developed to shred any and every mountain in a stylish way. The 101 was designed to shine where its big brothers only manage. That being said this is a great ski for dry spells, spring park laps and low tide days on either coast.

Customer Review

After falling in love with my new Deathwish I decided to match them up with some Wildcat 101's. These skis have a very similar rocker profile (minus the triple camber of course). Very easy transition going from the DW's to the Wildcats. I have about 10 spring days in at Snowbird on them now and absolutely love them. They handle the firm morning groomers and spring slush bumps just amazingly. I used to have a 6 ski quiver before buying my first Moments this year. now I have 2. That's all the skis ill need next year in Little Cottonwood.