25 Holiday Gifts For Skiers

By Greg Gardner

1. New Skis

Want to get your favorite skier the ultimate gift this holiday season, get them a new pair of skis! Check out our list of the best all mountain skis for this season.

Best All-Mountain Skis

2. Poles

A good set of poles is essential in every skiers kit. Check out these handpicked options that your favorite skier will love:

All Mountain Poles

Scott Pro Taper SRS Poles

A sturdy and reliable all purpose pole for resort skiing

Adjustable Poles

BCA Scepter Adjustable Aluminum Poles

Adjustable poles for backcountry skiing with helpful features like extended grips and a snow scraper.

Extended Grip Fixed Poles

Black Crows Furtis Poles

None adjustable, extremely rugged poles with extended grip for backcountry skiing.

Bamboo Poles

Grass Sticks Original Bamboo Poles

Nearly indestructible poles made from bamboo perfect for in bounds skiers.

3. Googles

A bad pair of googles will ruin any skiers day. Heres a few of our favorite pairs that will keep you out there all day fog free.

Best Goggles

Smith I/O Mag

High end googles with interchangeable lenses.

Best Features

Anon M4 Toric Mifi

High end interchangeable lens googles with integrated face mask system perfect for covering your mouth and nose fog free.

Best Budget Goggles

Giro Blok

High quality googles for those with less of a budget.

4. Helmets

Safety while in the mountains is absolutely critical, and the number one way to stay safe is with a good helmet!

Safest Helmets

Sweet Protection

Sweet Protection helmets are regarded as some of the safest helmets in the industry. The brand's in house technology, in conjunction with the MIPS liner is the best bet for keeping your head safe this winter.

Most Comfortable Helmets

Pret Helmets

Pret is known for their stylish and comfortable helmets, many of which include the MIPS liner ensuring safety and comfort.

5. Gloves

When temperatures start to drop, the first part of your body to get cold is often your hands. Thus, a good pair of gloves is critical for any skier.

Best All Around Glove

Hestra Leather Fall Line Series

The Hestra Fall Line series is a great choice for all purpose skiing as it is both warm and durable. Not to mention it is available in 3 different styles!

Most Durable Gloves

Give'r Gloves

Give'r is based out of Jackson Hole and has made a name for itself providing general use extremely rugged winter gloves.

Warmest Gloves

Hestra Heli Series

The Hestra Heli series are probably the warmest gloves we have tried out. Not only are they great in wet conditions, but their large powder cuff does an excellent job keeping the snow out and the warm in.

6. Tech

For Listening to Music on The Slopes

Outdoor Tech CHIPS 2.0 Universal Wireless Helmet Audio Kit

The ODT Chips 2.0 are wireless speakers that can be put in almost any helmet

For Capturing The Perfect Shot

GoPro Hero 10 Black

At this point, everyone knows GoPro, so check out the new Hero 10!

For Getting Home Safe

Garmin inReach Mini

Is your loved one planning on skiing out of the range of cell service this winter? Get them a Garmin inReach Mini, so if there is an emergency they can contact help regardless of cell signal.

7. Bindings

Does your loved one like to tour, or want to start this winter? Check out some of these touring bindings!

Tech Bindings

Black Diamond Equipment ATK Raider 12 Free Tour Bindings

Looking for a pair of tech bindings for touring? The ATK Raider 12 Free Tour Bindings are absolutely bomber and super light!

Budget Touring Bindings

Tyrolia Ambition 10

Want to start touring, but don't want to buy all the gear yet? The Tyrolia Ambition 10 is a frame binding, allowing you to use traditional boots (walk mode suggested) and start touring at a low cost.

8. Accessories

Multipurpose Straps

Voile Straps

Any avid skier has at least a couple of these in their pack. The uses are absolutely endless.

Hot Cold Storage

Stanley Drinkware

Bring your coffee, your water, your soup. Doesn't matter with a Stanley thermos.



Ombraz makes armless sunglasses that are super durable and great for ski touring!

Sunski Treeline

The Sunski Treelines are super cool sunglasses that are great for ski touring due to the detachable side panels.

For Preventing Scratches On Your Car

Magnetic Snostrip

The Snostrip is essentially a ski rack for the side of your car to prevent skis from falling while your are getting geared up!

For Getting Unstuck

Portable Emergency Traction Mats

Ever been stuck in the snow after a long ski day? Grab a pair of emergency traction mats and no need to worry. These ones are great if you have limited trunk space, but if you have space definitely grab a more rugged set of off-roading ones!

Snow Scraper

Extendable Snow Scraper With Brush

No one likes waiting 20 mins for the windshield to defrost, save yourself the trouble and grab a snow scraper.