J Skis Allplay Review

Updated: Jan 25

By Greg Gardner and Evan Chinman

Best Price: Used from J Skis $499

Length Tested: 184

Width Tested: 98

Test Bindings: Marker Jesters

Test Locations: Whistler BC, Alta UT, Shawnee Peak ME

Groomers: 5

Moguls: 9

Powder: 6

Technical Terrain: 8

Less than ideal conditions: 3

Freestyle: 9


J Skis designed the Allplay to turn the mountain into your personal playground. The Allplay is a twin tipped ski that includes a rocker-camber-rocker profile, and is 98mm under foot. The ski is extremely light and nimble, making any type of skiing a breeze. What's more, our testers have found the Allplays to be incredibly durable, perfect for early/late season conditions. Overall, the J Skis Allplay is perfect for the park skier looking to get out of the park a little bit, or the all mountain skier who wants to bring the park to them.


The Allplay is a ski designed to incorporate park elements into an all mountain ski. In doing so, J Skis struggled a bit to dial in groomer performance. This fact means that it requires a large amount of downhill foot pressure to crank those sharp turns. If you are unable to achieve this, the ski feels a bit loose on the hard pack. Our tester, Evan, comes from a racing background, so he's an excellent carver and still struggled to get this ski on edge. If you are a beginner or intermediate skier who is interested in skiing the whole mountain, we would not recommend these skis as they will be very difficult to develop the basic carving technique on. However, if you already have this technique down, and want a fun ski to do it all, go for it!


Despite the undistinguished performance of the Allplays in a groomer setting, these skis truly shine brighter than the rest in mogul performance. The Allplays are super lightweight and easy to jump around from mogul to mogul on. Not to mention their slim profile and soft to medium flex makes it easy to snake through different lines. A lot of skiers don't love moguls, but these on these skis, you won't be able to get enough!


The Allplays perform surprisingly well in powder conditions despite their slim waist profile. Our tester, Evan, found that they worked perfectly fine in up to a foot of snow. The combination of the tip and tail rocker and the moderate flex allows the ski to take on a spoon-like shape under deeper conditions. This design provides ample float and won't leave too much to be desired if the Allplay is your one quiver skis setup.

Technical Terrain

Analogous to their mogul performance, the Allplays handle technical terrain with ease. As previously mentioned, these skis are light and nimble making it easy to dodge and dip around obstacles. Additionally, they provide an excellent platform for landing drops. Overall, this ski is an excellent choice if you want to have a lot of fun in technical terrain.

Less Than Ideal Conditions

Ice and crud are not a friend of the Allplays. Our tester, Evan, felt like these skis were a bit 'loose', and tend to get tossed around in non-ideal conditions. To describe their feel in words it is sort of like the feeling of going from driving a Ferrari (A Slalom Ski) to driving a Ford F150 (The Allplays) around a race track. So, if you spend a lot of time skiing where the conditions are not optimal, the Allplays wouldn't be the best choice.


Due to the fact that J Skis designed the Allplays to combine elements of park and all- mountain, these skis perform phenomenally in a freestyle setting. Whether its jibbing, hitting booters, or dropping cliffs, the Allplays will meet your needs. Not to mention the unparalleled durability of these skis will make it through years of abuse; as confirmed by our tester, Evan, who has made it through 4 seasons with his.


The Allplay is a really fun and unique ski that is perfect when paired with the right rider. This ski would best suit advanced skiers who are interested in a one ski quiver that's equally solid in the park. Or for a beginner/intermediate skier, who is planning on spending 75% of their time in the park and 25% on the rest of the mountain. Given that these retail for $599, it would be hard to find a similar ski at that price point. However, if you have a larger budget we would recommend the Armada Stranger ($825), which will provide enhanced hard pack performance, without sacrifice in other categories.

Check out this mini-edit of Evan Chinman tearing it up on the Allplays!

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