Black Crows Camox

Updated: Jan 25

By Greg Gardner and Tyler Schmid

Best Price: $719 From evo

Length Tested: 181.2

Width Tested: 97

Test Bindings: Marker Griffons

Test Locations: Alta UT, Snowbird UT, Solitude UT, Brighton UT, Deer Valley UT, Steamboat Springs CO, Stowe VT, Killington VT, Loon NH

Groomers: 6.5

Moguls: 7

Powder: 7

Technical Terrain: 9

Less than ideal conditions: 6

Freestyle: 6


The Camox is a super playful and versatile all mountain ski from the French manufacturer, Black Crows. The company designed this ski to handle any terrain that you put in front of it, all while maintaining a playful feel that brings the fun factor to the next level. At 97mm underfoot, the Camox comes in at a similar width to many other popular all mountain models like the Bent Chetler 100, Sky 7, or Pioneer 96, proving to be a very versatile width for all mountain skiing. The ski follows a rocker-camber-rocker profile that includes a progressive flex which is stiffer under your foot and softer in the tips and tails. This is a great ski for intermediate or advanced skiers looking for a one-ski-quiver that leaves a big smile on your face at the end of the run.


The Camox is a fast and confident ski on the groomers. Our tester, Tyler, found it easy to transition from edge to edge with ease. Additionally, he found that it provided plenty of edge hold for carving. The turning radius on these skis is 20m, so it is more suited for longer drawn out turns than quick slalom type carves. At speed, there might be a little bit of chatter, but it is bearable and shouldn't create any major issues. The highlight in their groomer performance does not come from their edge hold, but their playfulness. These skis are super easy to kick the edges out for quick slides and slashes. Additionally they provide plenty of pop for any rollers that you may encounter on your decent.


Despite their twin tipped profile, the Camox does not perform quite as well in moguls as some alternatives, like the Rossi Sky 7 HD. This is because the entry and exit rocker are implemented closer to the tips and tails. This creates a longer edge profile which helps for hardback performance, but can be cumbersome in tight moguls. Our tester, Tyler, was not deterred by this and said that "with good form and some nice moguls, the Camox can eat up whatever you throw at them, but it does take a little getting used to."


In powder, the Camox floats quite well despite its slender profile. The flex helps the tips pop to the surface, and the slightly rear mounted stance puts the skier in a neutral stance that keeps your legs fresh for endless laps. If your purchasing the Camox as a resort specific one-ski-quiver, it should have you covered in conditions less than 12 inches, if your looking for a similar ski that can handle deeper snow, we might suggest the Sky 7 HD, Line Sakana, or Elan Ripstick 106. Alternatively, if you want a resort specific powder ski, we love the Blizzard Rustler 11!

Technical Terrain:

Of all the categories, Tyler was the biggest fan of their performance in technical terrain. He found these skis to be incredibly maneuverable in tight trees, and responsive in 'no fall zones'. One of his favorite aspects, was their performance while on deep technical lines. Their powder performance in conjunction with their maneuverability make them an absolute joy to charge through these types of conditions.

Less Than Ideal Conditions:

For any east coaters out there, you will not be disappointed by performance in less than ideal conditions. Their progressive flex pattern is suitable for charging through crud, and mixed snow. On ice, their longer effective edge, and rigidity under the foot help to provide a stable and rigid surface that cuts into the hardest hard pack **when they are freshly sharpened**.


While the Camox is by no means a park/freestyle specific ski, this was clearly influenced by skis that are. If you were to take them to the park, they will be a bit too stiff for hitting all of the features that an expert park skier would desire. Additionally, the rear mounted stance is not as suitable for jibbing, but if you only hit the park on occasion it should be a non issue. Despite this, these skis are excellent for bringing freestyle influence into an all mountain environment. This is because the progressive flex helps the skis pop, and makes them suitable for maneuvers like butters and slashes.


To conclude, the Camox is an extremely versatile all mountain ski for someone that just wants to have a good time. These skis are super playful allowing you to hit a plethora of features with ease and implement butters and slashes into your all mountain skiing. If you are an enthusiastic intermediate or advanced all mountain skier, who wants a little bit of that park feel, this ski is a great choice!

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